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  • Helped With Condo

    by: Diane B

    Even though I was just a small-potatoes client (looking to rent a small condo), Tina always responded quickly and treated me with the utmost professionalism. She offered to review my lease contract before I signed it and provided me excellent advice (I haven't rented in more than 12 years). I will happily use her services when I'm ready to buy again!

  • Goes Above and Beyond

    by: Jamie Kroll1

    Tina goes above and beyond to be the best at what she does- and she is definitely the best at what she does! She helped us find the perfect home; Every roadblock we faced she helped us get by. She is absolutely the best!

  • Working on Third Transaction with Tina

    by: Doris Hektor

    We own multiple homes across the United States and have worked with many realtors. Tina is the best realtor we have ever worked with. Tina really goes the above and beyond for her clients and is determined to find the home you want, at the best price. Tina thinks out of the box, is pragmatic, hands on and always finds solutions to potential obstacles. Since she is also an interior designer by training she is great with helping to develop a future vision of your future dream home. Tina makes herself available at all times and helps to support not only the purchase of a new home but also the actual closing, move and time after that. We have nothing but great things to say about Tina and can only recommend her.

  • Buying & Selling.

    by: Sue Palmer

    Tina was easy to work with and very accessible when we had questions or concerns. She is very knowledgeable about the local real estate market, gave great advice, and we were not disappointed when we acted on it. Our condo sold well within the time frame she had given us. This is our 11th property so we have worked with many realtors over the years. Tina went above and beyond for us. I would highly recommend Tina for her professionalism, dedication and her cheerful personality.

  • Understands Ours Needs

    by: Becca Aubrey-Miller

    Tina helped us when we were trying to decide on buying a house but I think she helped us more with just understanding our needs better than we did sometimes. I don't know how she does it but she has the patience of a saint and remains calm under the most stressful situations, even when my husband and I were at odds with what we wanted to do. I never felt any pressure at all from her which was a first for us. We've purchased homes several times over the years and we aren't the easiest of clients. We've had agents in the past get visibly irritated with us when it seemed we weren't getting anywhere but Tina sincerely seemed like she just wanted what was best for us, even if that meant not getting a home. In the end, we decided on getting a new build home that we had looked at before we met her. When I called her on the phone to let her know she gave me a very heartfelt congratulations instead of getting upset about not getting our business. On top of that, she sent us flowers as a congratulations on our new home. I was so blown away that I was in tears. She's a true class act and I'm happy to refer everyone I know to her as their agent. If you want a realtor that will truly protect you and make sure you're happy I can't think of anyone better.

  • Handled our hard to sell property

    by: Mimi and

    I would give more than 5 stars if I had the option. We were very happy with the solutions Tina provided for our 'hard to sell' property in North Scottsdale. Prior to working with her, we worked another realtor and had our property on the market for over 450 days. When we finally started working with Tina on top of the information she presented to us, she impressed us by her impeccable integrity, commitment, and a great heart, which are qualities I never expected to find in a realtor. Like many others she didn't over promise/under deliver. She was honest about challenges with selling our house and found a great solution for us. We are very happy with the result and couldn't ask for a better. I highly recommend her as realtor to those who are looking to sell or buy a property.

  • Kept it Stress Free

    by: Rebekah Montgomery

    Tina was a fabulous realtor through this entire experience, as stressful as it was for me, she was always there to answer any questions we had. She walked me through getting us to the correct price point and made sure I felt completely comfortable with everything we were doing and communicated with us all the way. I went with her knowing her personality and that she is the kind of person who knows what it takes to make sure things get things done and get done right, but is also one of the kindest and generous people I've ever met. I was not disappointed with that choice, and with her judgement and marketing on my home it sold in less than 10 days and she was there every step of the way seeing that everything went smoothly all the way from taking being there for pictures for the listing to handing off the keys for the new owner.

  • Helped with Buying and Selling

    by: Christine Skaggs

    Home selling and buying can be a very stressful experience. Tina offered level headed and objective opinions on challenging decisions. She always acted with professionalism and set herself lofty goals, in which she achieved every time. Our home sold within the time she projected, and we couldn't be any happier with our new home. I know we made the right decision when we hired her, and my family is happy to call her our realtor and new friend!

  • Protecting my Interests

    by: Amber R

    An important criterion in a Real Estate Agent that I sought was professionalism extending to all walks of life. The person/people come first with full integrity, sincerity, and a due diligence. Tina Williams met all my expectations and more. When I asked her to go to bat for me, she did. When I asked her to protect my interest, she did. She went beyond the call of duty, which is what I expected in a high-end RE Agent. Tina can be trusted and in today's world that is saying a lot. I highly recommend her for everyone's Real Estate transactions, in all price ranges.

  • Helping a Single Mom

    by: Marisa Folz1

    Tina was absolutely amazing to work with. She was so knowledgeable and really stays calm under pressure. She kept me informed throughout the process and I felt the through the entire process that I had nothing to worry about. She helped me buy a home as a single parent, which was a long time dream of mine. Now my girls and I have a forever home. I would highly recommend her.